Monday, February 15, 2010

Let it snow, let it snow....

If you live in Ohio, the photos at the beginning of this post have become a familiar site this winter. Before today's snowfall, we had a record 31" inches of snow (for February). One thing that is nice about it is that the world sort of stops. Not like it did during the blizzard years back in 1977-78 when nothing moved for weeks, but still, at least this hectic pace that we live at slows down. Due to this blessing of God, I am sequestered in my study with no grandchild and two computers, and am finally catching up on blog postings and websites.

Too bad I have nothing much to say! LOL

The concept behind blogs and Twitter and Facebook still escapes me for the most part. Does anyone really care what I am doing 'right now', I ask? Still, it seems someone does. Perhaps in this impersonal world of the 21st century, social networking has become understandably important. We are not digits. We are individuals, we shout!

Even if that means telling you that I hate peanut butter and am eating instead a Healthy Choice meal that declares on the cover that it is 'real food'.

Heaven help us.

Anyhow, here is what I am doing 'right now'. I am updating four blogs and three websites, and creating a new one (website, that is). Yes, I am nuts. My problem is an interest in so many things. That has always been my problem - too many talents and interests in too many areas and no one great passion to excel at. I remember reading that Rudolf Nureyev knew at 4 years old that he would dance. I wanted to sing and act and write and draw and..... I have done a little of each, but have yet to find one to focus on with that intensity that makes people aware of you. People often say to me, "What don't you do?"

Make money comes the chagrined reply.

Anyhow, if you are interested in all of the ramblings of this particular mind, check out the sites and blogs listed below. Become a follower. Become a fan. Tweet me back. Send me a cow on Farmville. Wash my Petville pet (actually, it's Leah's).

Use all of these blogs and sites and social networks and take a moment out of that hectic schedule you have to connect with me.

That I get.

(By the way, the photos above are out my front and back windows on the Square in Troy OH)

Coming soon - Johnston Farm, an Indian Agency website with online store